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Sample Newborn Stage Freezer Cooking Plan

You guys.  I am so done.  The last stretch of pregnancy (for those of us whose babies like to wait as long as they possibly can) is so tough physically and emotionally.  I wonder about 500 times per day now “Is this it?”  And the answer continues to be NO.


I am so ready to meet this little boy on the outside!

My babies have never come early (you can read my birth stories here, here and here), but my doctor did say that maybe this time I’ll be surprised.  This is my 4th baby in 4.5 years, so you’d think my body would be nice and ready to deliver.  Still waiting…

I’m days away from my due date and have been experiencing “early labor” for the past 4 or 5 days–constant cramping/contractions/tons of other fun symptoms that have me torn between walking every second I can and not getting up from the couch.  Today the couch is winning.

(Plus, I’m about to watch youtube videos on finding pressure points that supposedly induce labor.  Anyone have any luck with that one?)

But one of the good things about not going into labor early is that I’ve had time to complete almost all the freezer cooking I planned to do.  I still have about 3 things left on my list, but my productivity has basically gone out the window as pre-labor continues but [Read More…]

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