• New house…and the countdown begins
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New house…and the countdown begins

We’re in!  It’s been almost two weeks now that we’ve been in our new home and I am finally able to sit down during nap time and blog about how it all went…and hopefully not fall asleep.  As you can imagine, moving with three kids 4 and under while 8 months pregnant is just plain crazy.

But the worst is definitely behind us.  Breakfast, anyone?  Oh those first couple of days in a new home.  If you’ve ever moved, you know what it’s like.  This stresses me out just looking at it.  And let me just say, my kiddos definitely did not get the “let’s entertain ourselves so mommy can unpack” memo.


I mentioned in a previous post that I was determined this time around to take my time with the unpacking and settling in.  Last time we moved (also while 8 months pregnant) I went crazy and had the place done in a week–no way did I want to relive that again.

Well, guess what?  I should have known myself better.  It must be some obsessive compulsive behavior issue because I did it again and I’m still feeling the affects of last week’s unpacking frenzy (and mommy guilt for the extreme lack of patience I had all week).

It was the sort of week where it was totally worth it packing up all the kids and making a trip to [Read More…]

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*This post contains affiliate links--thanks for supporting my blog! I have such a vivid memory of a time when I was pregnant with my first baby.  I was a couple months away from delivery so I thought I'd read up some parenting books.  I sat outside in the courtyard on my lunch break at work and read that when babies are brand new, they need to eat ... read more