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White Chicken Chili

It hasn’t been all that cold where I live (it was actually in the 80’s over the weekend), but it’s still January, and that means it’s officially soup and stew weather.  This recipe for white chicken chili is one of my favorites to keep in the rotation of crock pot meals I like to make during the winter season.  It’s very hearty, frugal, and makes a ton so there are plenty of leftovers and some to freeze.


I was actually really happy the other day when I made it because my kids devoured it, which hasn’t happened before.  Typically I have a hard time getting them to eat soup as the main item of a meal.  Do your kids like to eat soup?  If so, what’s your trick?  Is it just my kids that seem to stare at their plates like “Are you serious, mom?”  [Read More…]

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