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The Battle of the Macaroni Salads


Last Saturday we celebrated my mom’s birthday at our house–complete with games and lots of grandkids (all my mom really wants).  Oh, and food.  Food is very important to my family.  My sister took care of the dessert.  We were in charge of dinner.

My husband has been really into smoking meat lately, so on the menu was smoked pulled pork, macaroni salad, and baked beans.

We’ve done this type of meal a lot over the last few months ever since he started this delicious new hobby, and every time we’d make a quick trip to the store for the sides I always cringe when we’d have to buy macaroni salad for anywhere from $4-6 per pound. Ugh!

I finally decided to make it myself for this occasion, but unfortunately I did what everybody knows to be a big kitchen no-no.

I did not try this recipe before making it and serving it at our family gathering.  And it was a big fat recipe fail.  (As in, no one ate it).

So after feeling like a failure as a person and never wanting to cook again, I decided to get back on the macaroni salad horse and find the perfect recipe. [Read More…]

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