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Twice Baked Potatoes

Posted by on Aug 30th, 2014 in Freezer cooking, Freezer Recipes, Recipes | 2 comments

I really, really love potatoes.  For the longest time I would say that potatoes and rice were my two favorite foods.  Kind of weird, right?  I guess you could say I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl.

So it’s no surprise that this recipe for freezer-friendly twice baked potatoes is one of my absolute favorite meals to have in the freezer.

It’s a mixture of meat and potatoes, and it’s an awesome freezer meal.  What’s not to love?


The prep is a bit time-consuming, but once it’s done and in the freezer, it can’t be more simple to heat and serve. (more…)

How to Find Time to Read as a Busy Mom

Posted by on Aug 26th, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, Encouragement, Parenting | 0 comments

Wow–I did not think I’d be writing a post on this topic.  How can you find time to read as a busy mom?  A few months ago I probably would have said it’s just plain impossible.  At least during the trenches of babyhood.

But earlier this summer I put together a list of books that I really wanted to get through this summer, and to my shock and amazement, I read all of them and more.  


I really didn’t think it would be possible–what with my three very small people who require 110% of my attention from sun up to sun down.  But what I realized is that it just took a little prioritizing and self discipline.  

For those of you like me who feel a deep sense of accomplishment when you make a list and then add to it, here is my favorite list of the summer: (more…)

Potty Training 101 (a simple 2 day method)

Posted by on Aug 19th, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, Cloth Diapers, Parenting, Potty-training | 0 comments

If you had asked me a few months ago how I felt about potty-training my second son, I would have told you that I was dreading it.

First, there’s the fact that he had never–not once–actually peed in the potty, although we started giving him the opportunity to (at bath time) right after turning 1.


There there’s the fact that he is part camel.  Seriously, I’ve never seen a kid drink as much as he does.  I can give him a 10 oz. sippy cup of water and he drinks the whole thing right then and there.

But as much as I was dreading it, I was also completely desperate to get him out of diapers (same desperation that drove me to potty train our first son at not quite 2 1/2).  We cloth diaper (you can read other posts on cloth diapering here), and cloth diapering two kids at once is way too much work for me!

So the week after Landon turned 2, I just went for it.  I had nothing to lose.  If he wasn’t ready, it wouldn’t work.  But it was worth a try.

Amazingly, it was a success!  (Huge sigh of relief).  And it only took about 2 days.

There are so many different opinions/methods/experiences out there when it comes to potty training.  But this has worked for me twice now and so I want to share my version of potty training 101 with you!


I’m not an expert, but I’ve read a lot and had a couple kids to practice on.  Things I looked for: (more…)

4 Great Freezer Snacks

Posted by on Aug 13th, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, Freezer cooking, Freezer Recipes, Homemaking, Kid-friendly Foods, Newborn Stage, Parenting, Quick and Easy, Recipes, Saving money | 8 comments

I am an all-day snacker, and I’m guessing there are a lot of us out there.  It’s healthier, right?  Eating little meals all throughout the day.  Are you one too?


I’m not sure if it’s that I’m still breastfeeding or if I’m not eating right at meal time–or maybe it’s the fact that most of the time I can only manage to scarf down a few bites here and there (mostly the boys’ leftovers) while feeding three other little people. (Yes, Brenna is up to three meals of solids a day now, which is basically like a part time job for me). :)

Whatever the reason, I basically eat like a newborn–every 3 hours or so.

Since I’m constantly eating, I really needed to make an effort to have healthy, protein-packed snacks on hand.  Because when I’m hungry, I want to eat–whatever is there and whatever is easy.

These 4 great freezer snacks have saved me from hundreds of giant scoops of ice cream or bags of chips.  Taking something out of the freezer is just as easy as (more…)

Is Cloth Diapering Right For You?

Posted by on Aug 11th, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, Cloth Diapers, DIY, Newborn Stage, Parenting, Pregnancy, Saving Around the House, Saving money, Saving on Kid Stuff | 0 comments

Before I had my first baby, I was still working full-time.  They were so sweet to throw me a baby shower, and even sweeter to all pitch in and get us a large gift–a bunch of cloth diapers.  We had already done the research and knew it was the route we wanted to take.  But I sure wasn’t expecting the reaction we got from a few of the women attending the shower.


They basically thought we were crazy.  Why would anyone choose to do this?  Do you really think you’re going to stick with it?  Aren’t babies enough work as it is?

I have to admit, I was not prepared for their comments.  All of a sudden I started to doubt our decision and question whether or not cloth diapering was the right choice for us.

Fast forward 4 years and 3 kids later.

Did we stick with it?  YES!  Have we made our money back? Definitely.  Each of our babies has made very good use out of these things.

If I had it to do all over again, would I still choose cloth?  That’s a tough one.  Honestly (more…)

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