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10 Tips for Managing Baby Books

Posted by on Apr 23rd, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, Newborn Stage, Organizing, Parenting, Pregnancy | 0 comments

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I’m sure most parents will agree– our babies grow so, so fast.  Way too fast.  At times I wish I could somehow make time slow down a bit so this season (as exhausting as it is) can last for so much longer than it does.


We can’t freeze time, but we can capture the memories so we’ll be able to look back one day years from now and remember all the details that we’re sure to have forgotten.  That’s why figuring out how to stay on top of baby books has been a real priority for me ever since my first little guy was born.

As busy parents with a million things to do at any given moment, it can be really challenging to keep the baby books up to date, (more…)

Baked Garlic Parmesan Fries

Posted by on Apr 21st, 2014 in Kid-friendly Foods, Quick and Easy, Recipes | 1 comment

Sometimes I crave fast-food.  I know how horribly unhealthy most of it is and so I try not to eat very much of it, but it can be hard when the craving hits.

Fortunately right now I have great motivation to avoid fast-food.  Operation “get back into pre-pragnancy pants” is in full swing.  So as much as I’d love to swing through the drive-thru for some yummy, greasy fries, I really, really shouldn’t.  To fight the fast-food cravings, I like to make my own baked garlic parmesan fries.  


They’re super easy to make and my kids love them.  I like knowing exactly what they’re eating instead of the super-fried and processed stuff.  I like to serve them with (more…)

Recipe FAIL and a New (Exciting) Challenge

Posted by on Apr 18th, 2014 in Freezer cooking, Freezer Recipes, Recipes | 7 comments

Warning: reflective and honest post.  Here’s how a total recipe FAIL gave me a new (exciting) challenge.

I shared on Facebook earlier this week that I experienced a major recipe fail.  It was pretty bad.  I tried to adapt a stove top recipe for Chicken Teriyaki into a freezer-to-crock pot meal.  Utter failure.  The chicken was very overdone, the veggies were extremely mushy, and the flavor just wasn’t there at all.


Being the rational thinker I am, I immediately thought Why do I have this blog?  I’m not an expert.  I shouldn’t be offering advice on freezer cooking when I can’t even adapt a simple recipe into a freezer meal! And on and on I went for the whole evening.  

But the next day I had another thought (an actual rational one this time).  There are going to be flops along the way if I’m going to find new, great freezer recipes.   

Then I got a new cook book (more…)

Nutella Breakfast Smoothie

Posted by on Apr 16th, 2014 in Freezer cooking, Freezer Recipes, Kid-friendly Foods, Quick and Easy, Recipes | 10 comments

Have I mentioned before how much I love Nutella?  I really, really love it.  Just give me a spoon and I’m good!

Nutella Breakfast Smoothie

So I was pretty excited the other day when inspiration hit.  Recently I discovered that you can add finely blended oats to smoothies for a heartier, fiber-rich, filling “meal”.  I thought that oats + bananas + yogurt + Nutella = a smoothie that has all the elements of a great breakfast smoothie.  Really, how could anything with Nutella not be good?  I had to try it, and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I’m so excited to share this Nutella breakfast smoothie recipe with you because it is amazing.  It’s very filling and just the right amount of sweetness, so it’s perfect for breakfast or a snack.   (more…)

How To Get Infant Poop Stains Out of Clothes

Posted by on Apr 14th, 2014 in Baby/Toddler Stage, DIY, Newborn Stage, Parenting, Pregnancy, Saving on Kid Stuff | 20 comments

You know what I mean by “infant poop stains”, right?  I’m talking about the yellow stuff–that mustardy colored poop that breast fed babies have before they start eating solid food.

I definitely did not know how to get infant poop stains out of clothes when I had my first baby.  I spot treated, soaked, dried in the sun, etc.  Nothing worked, so unfortunately I ended up getting rid of quite a few “blowout” casualties.

Luckily with baby #2 I figured out the easiest fix ever.

How to get infant poop stains out of clothes

The solution was so simple!  Dish soap.  

And it’s a good thing, because we are going through a lot of dish soap right now on very adorable girl clothes.  My little princess is keeping me busy with all the laundry I’m doing for her.

Just today, in fact, I was sitting at MOPS listening to the speaker and feeding by baby (more…)

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