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DIY Kid’s Coat Rack

DIY Kid's Coat Rack

I’ll be the first to admit–I’m usually not a very crafty or creative person.  I’m terrible at reading directions and I rarely have “vision” to create something out of nothing.  But I am a list person, and if a creative project happens to find its way onto my to-do list, watch out!

Once I get a project fixed in my head, there is no turning back.  I jump in 100% until it’s finished.   So when I was pregnant with boy #2 and we had just moved and I knew they’d be sharing a room, their room became my project–bright colors, ocean-themed, DIY.  That’s what I was going for.  One of the things I made was a DIY kid’s coat rack.

These DIY kid’s coat racks are inexpensive, easy to fit with your theme, and very fun and simple to make (I don’t do complicated!)

I bought all the items to make these coat racks from a local craft store.  Everything added up to right around $10.  I like to lay out newspaper for the painting and use a paper plate for dipping.


You will want to use painter’s tape and tape the base of each peg.  I did the boys’ coat rack without doing this step and it took longer and there were a lot more corrections to make with the paint.  Save yourself the headache!  Pictured in this tutorial is the coat rack I just made for our girl’s room.


Then comes the fun part.  Paint away!  Start with a base coat/primer and allow that to dry.  It doesn’t take long at all–usually less than 15 minutes.  Once it’s dry, paint your first coat.  The important thing with the first coat is to cover absolutely everywhere–ever nook and cranny.  It doesn’t have to look good yet.  For the second coat (and any additional coats depending on your color preference), try sponging downward and using small wave-like motions to even out the paint.  This way you won’t have a streaked or lined look.


Once you’re done with the base and it has dried completely, it’s time to paint the pegs.  The best way would probably be to use painter’s tape on the base around the pegs.  I’ve never done this.  Usually my projects happen at nap time and time is of the essence. :)  It’s up to you and how particular you are.  If you’re not using tape, just make sure to take your time and use the edge/corner of your sponge when painting the base of the pegs.


After you have the color/shade you’re going for and everything has dried completely, you can glue your wooden decals onto the coat rack.  These are optional.  I found some really cute ones to go with my theme.  If you do use some, you can glue them on with wood glue or a hot glue gun.


Finally you need to add your backing and hang it up.  I got a package of these hooks at the store for around $.50.


There you have it!  A simple, quick, inexpensive addition to your little one’s room.


11 Responses to “DIY Kid’s Coat Rack”

  1. Emily says:

    those turned out super cute… very useful too!! We could use a couple ;o) Emily
    Emily recently posted…Recycling/Upcycling SweatersMy Profile

  2. Love it! I’m looking for ways to better organize my kids’ bedrooms during February before we get busy with spring activities.

    I’m pinning this to my Children’s Bedroom board.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…Because It’s No Trifling Matter: How to Build a TrifleMy Profile

  3. This is so darn cute! I love the decorative pieces you added
    DeDe@Designed Decor recently posted…~Black Bean Corn Salsa!My Profile

  4. Rebecca says:

    Those turned out so cute and I love that you made one for each of them! I love and easy project and I just might have to make one for my niece for her birthday this year.
    Rebecca recently posted…Day 3: Red Velvet Powdered DonutsMy Profile

    • Rebecca,
      What a great idea to make one of these as a gift! I hadn’t thought of that. It’s fun because you can personalize it really easily. Thanks for stopping by!
      Take care,

  5. I love how these turned out! They’re so cute! Maybe you are crafty after all.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tutorial. I have been looking for something like this for weeks, but nothing has popped out to me yet.


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