Weekly Menu {Sept 2-8}

Happy Labor Day!  Any fun plans?  It is HOT here.  Like so hot that I don’t even want to go outside.  That does not make for a very fun 3-day weekend.  Years ago I was the type of person who wore hooded sweatshirts in 80 degree weather and layed out in the sun for fun.  3 pregnancies later, I think laying out sounds like a slow and torturous way to melt and I would love it if it was about 68 degrees all year long. :)

I am so grateful for A/C (especially with my oven on so much with all the cooking I’m doing), and I have so much respect for those of you who can function without it.


Shopping with a little monkey made things interesting!

As for cooking, I’m making progress–slowly but surely.  We did our grocery trip on Saturday morning and actually made it out of there in record time (under an hour!).  I’ve been cooking here and there all weekend, but I still have A LOT more to do.  That’s ok.  I’m prepared for it to take a few more days.  I know that doing the work this week will be well worth it in the weeks to come.


Why I love this van :)

So far of my plan, I’ve done cheesy garlic biscuits, cornbread muffins, honey chicken, chicken fettuccine alfredo, a big batch of pizza sauce, and salsa chicken and black bean soup (recipes to come!).

You would think all this cooking would make meal planning a breeze this week, but I don’t want to use any of my newly made freezer meals!  I want to take a picture at the end with every single item represented.  Then I want to make a list of all the things I made and cross it off because it will all be done.  For a person who likes to check things off a list, freezer cooking is very rewarding. :)

So we’re still slightly in creative meal mode.


Cereal, bananas

Applesauce cinnamon oatmeal, toast

Bagel and cream cheese, blueberries

Leftover oatmeal, toast

Pancakes, applesauce cinnamon yogurt


Grilled cheese w/spinach, pears, graham crackers

Chicken nuggets, string cheese, veggie puree pouches, pears

PB&J, applesauce pouches, cheese crackers

English muffin pizzas, smoothies

Quesadillas, fruit


Monday: Out (date night!)

Tuesday:Smothered burritos (from the freezer), Mexican rice, corn, fruit

Wednesday: Tortellini, steamed broccoli, garlic bread

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner

Friday: Pizza and movie night

Saturday: Dinner at an event

Sunday: Out

What’s on your menu this week????

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